Introduction to Ethical Sales and Communication with Ashley Latter

Discover the secrets of perfect communication in your dental practice and help more of your patients say YES. Feel comfortable communicating your fees ethically and achieve the income your services deserve.

During the last 20 years, by working with his clients and tracking their results, Ashley Latter has helped them communicate and sell over £400million worth of extra dental treatment in an ethical way world-wide. Without exception everyone who takes Ashley Latter’s two day Ethical Sales and Communication Programme states they wished there was a course like this when they left Dental School.

Well the good news, there now is…

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The last programme was completely SOLD OUT two months out, to secure and guarantee your seat, please book onto this programme immediately.

Where and When?

Location : British Dental Association 64 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1G 8YS
Date : Saturday 15 June 2019
Time :
Doors open 8.30am. Course starts 9.30am-5.00pm

Whats Included?

  • Free signed copy of Ashley Latter’s best selling book worth £16
  • Free lunch
  • 7 Hours CPD

For Who?

  • This is an exclusive course for dentists who graduated in the last four years.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Would you like to have more of your private treatment plans accepted and be paid well for the work you do?
  • Do you think your treatment is worth more than you are getting paid?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable discussing private fees with your patients? Are you a bit afraid to ask for the correct fee and are concerned the patient will think you are “ripping them off?”
  • Do you often find yourself justifying your fees?
  • Have you ever been in the situation where you have reduced your fees without even being asked to, just because you feel that the patient will not or cannot pay you?
  • Would you like to be able communicate in a way that does not sound too salesey and encourages patients to buy into our private options?
  • Have you taken courses in implants, short term orthodontics, facial aesthetics and posterior composites but have not achieved the success that you feel that you deserve? 


Ashley Latter

Since 1997, over 16,500 delegates world-wide have now taken his Two Day Ethical Sales & Communication in over 14 countries world -wide, including the USA, Australia, India and all over Europe. This programme is legendary in the U.K. & Irish Dental World and is probably the most sought-after programme in Dentistry today. He has now delivered over 26,000 hours of Communication Skills to the Dental world, probably more than anyone else on the planet.

Ashley is the author of Helping patients to say YES & Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy-How to communicate effectively & Create the Perfect Patient Journey & You are Worth it- Talk money with confidence & achieve the income your services deserve. He has also contributed to the Dental Masters Series.

In short, he is simply the best at helping dentists and their teams connect better with their patients, so that they can finally deliver the dentistry that they love to do and most importantly their patients want.

Programme Learning Objectives

* Discover the 5 key biggest communication mistakes made by dentists every day in their communication.

Learn what the skills and attributes are of the most successful dentists in the UK

Develop more self- confidence and develop a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment, even when times are tough.

Discover the one major secret on why some Dentists are more successful than others

Understand what the 8 proven steps of the Ethical Sales Approach, so that more patients say yes to your private treatment plans

Build instant rapport with all types of patients. Discover the one secret on how to build instant rapport with your patients and get them to like you instantly.

Understand how patients make decisions when they purchase cosmetic dentistry. Have you taken the Short Term Orthodontic Course, but have not achieved the success that you feel that you deserve?

* Develop Ashley’s four key questioning skills so that you can create new opportunities to deliver the dentistry that you love to do, and your patients want,

* Understand the language that excites patients to take action and most importantly, what you must not say to dissuade them.

Develop new skills and behaviours that will enable you to increase your treatment plan acceptance rate, in an ethical way.

Learn how to communicate effectively, clearly and concisely.

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Dentists pay £1560 to take Ashley’s Two Day Ethical Sales & Communication Course and travel from all the over the world to the UK to take his courses.

For additional information, 

please contact Lissa Mann on 0161 724 8728 

Programme Testimonial 

“I took Ashley’s course towards the end of VT and it’s changed the way I communicate with patients. Ashley quite rightly says that were taught a lot of clinical dentistry at dental school and on postgrad CPD courses but nobody really focuses on communication. Everybody says you have to show empathy, ask the right questions, listen actively and develop rapport which is all well and good but before I took the course I didn’t know exactly which questions to ask, how to ask them in order to extract the information you need and how to talk about fees without feeling uncomfortable. Ashley teaches you exactly how to do this and coaches you until you get it right. The method is very structured and you can start using the techniques immediately after the course.
Whilst the course looks like it’s expensive, it is worth it. I made the money back plus more within days after taking the course so as far as I’m concerned it was money well spent. Many people who take the course say that they wished they took it sooner – fortunately I don’t need to say that because I took it at the start of my career.
One final point – it looks great on your CV. Principles like things like this, I got a job in private practice straight after VT and this was one of the reasons why.”
Dr R Ruparelia BDS MFDS RCS(Ed)
Dental Surgeon
Very engaging and thought provoking!
Bhavin Borkhatria (Dentist)
Good long term potential, I give this course 10/10
Amar Lakhani (Associate)
This course will help me learn how to sell Dentistry, i give this course 10/10
Pooja Shah (Foudation Dentist)
This course will definitely increase my private sales per month. Cant wait to implement. Will definitely attend another course held by Midlands Dental Academy
Jordan Smith (Associate)